Getting Started

The Order of Interbeing includes hundreds of monastic and lay members throughout the world. In order to facilitate better communication and connection with each other, we maintain this web site, maintain an official member directory, and offer two private email lists.

Order of Interbeing Members should register with our Member Directory and update when changes are made with you contact information.

Order of Interbeing members are encouraged to join our email lists. Both lists are private – must be listed in our member directory – and are supported by a moderator when needed. The list traffic varies.

OI-Announce is for SHORT messages, that announce something that is of great
importance to the Plum Village global practice community. These might be,
but not limited to, retreats with Thay, announcements on the availability of
Dhrama talks etc. A short announcement would be 2-3 sentences. It
basically gives the title of the event, dates, and contact info with perhaps
one descriptive sentence. It is always good to include a link to a website
where more details are available, registration forms can be downloaded, etc.

OI-Discussion is meant for everything else, discussion items, announcements
that are not short or are less directly related to the global community
“bare essential” needs for knowledge. This is one of those “anything goes”

In addition to the two email lists above, other methods for connecting with Order members include: