The End of Suffering

Happiness, the End of Suffering, and Recovery Forty-six. That’s not so old - young in fact. He and I are both 46, with young children, and in a long term relationship. We both got sober very young and then maintained that sobriety for many years. Mr. Hoffman made it 23-years, and I’m about … Continue reading

Shifting Weight

Leave the tender moment alone. -Billy Joel. The way to use life is to do nothing through acting. The way to use life is to do everything through being. -Lao Tzu I had noticed her as I walked by the room on the way to see my patient. Jeans, sneakers and flannel shirt curled up on the bed … Continue reading

Conflict Resolution Guide

The Harmony Committee for the North American Dharma Teachers Sangha has created this Conflict Resolution Guide. This document was prepared by the Harmony Committee of the Plum Village North American Dharma Teachers Sangha over three years beginning in 2010. The committee included both lay and … Continue reading